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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Horseshow time in Lake Placid

THE HORSES ARE COMING!!! THE HORSES ARE COMING!!! Well, HOWDY PARTNERS, this is RICH THE SPORTSCASTER here coming to you from the site of the LAKE PLACID AND I LOVE NEW YORK HORSESHOWS. Yes, you got it correct time to … Continue reading

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Exciting Expansion Project

HAMMER!!! HAMMER!!!! EXPANSION PICS!!!!! HAMMER!!!! HAMMER!!!! HELLO EVERYONE! Its Mr. Fix-It again coming to you from the site of our exciting new expansion project. I and the rest of the crew have banging away and reconstructing a brand new section … Continue reading

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Wine Pairing at Charlies

RED OR WHITE!!! WHITE OR RED!!!! CHOICES CHOICES!!! Hey everyone this is MADAME CUISINE coming to you again from the delicious kitchen of CHARLIE’S RESTAURANT. Where the batter is flying and ole madame herself is getting her hands into all … Continue reading

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AVAST YE! Gondola Cruise on Mirror Lake

OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE on the GONDOLA: Romantic and Fun, our Adirondack Gondola is perfect for giving unique style to your occasion. The Gondola has a CD player which fills the air with enchanting music. If you have a favorite CD, … Continue reading

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Dogs are Welcome

WOOF!!! WOOF!!!! WOOF!!! WWWWOOOOOOFFFFFF!!! Well everyone it is about time the pets get a say around here and now is our time to speak (BARK!! BARK!!) This is SAMMY AND CLARK coming at you from our favorite hotel the Golden … Continue reading

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Marathon Race

ON YOUR MARK! GET SET! GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Hey everyone this is Rich your Sportscaster here coming from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort with another exciting event that is just around the corner. For all you long distance runners and who like … Continue reading

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