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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Craft Fair at the Golden Arrow

CRAFTS!!!! GADGETS!!!! BOBBLES!!!! TRINKETS!!!!! That is right the THE 3RD ANNUAL CRAFT FAIR for the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is slowly approaching. Yes, we do more than reserve and sell hotel rooms, we also have a wonderful and exciting Craft … Continue reading

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Renovations Galore

RESORT EXPANSION AND NOW MAJOR POOL RENOVATIONS!!!! So, many projects and so so so little time, MR. FIX-IT is starting to get callouses on top of his callouses. They got me so busy around this ever changing resort that I … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest and Foliage Season

RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER coming to you live from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, justing wanting to let all of you LEAF PEEPERS and CELEBRATORY OKTOBERFESTERS know that the annual WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN OKTOBERFEST is just around the corner. That is right … Continue reading

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The Seasons Are Changing!

AHHHH!!! AUTUMN BREEZES AND SMELLS ARE IN THE AIR!!! COOLER NIGHTS AND DAZZLING COLORS!! RICH THE SPORTSCASTER AND NOW LOCAL NEWSMAN for the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort wanting to let you know that Fall weather is in the air. What … Continue reading

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Feuding Room Familys

SANTANONI!!!! (NO) ECHO!!!! (NO) MORNINGSIDE!!!! (NO) NORMANDY!!!!! No, this is not the Family Feud this is more like the WAR OF THE ROSES. Hey, everyone I have not chatted before neither have my two feuding families so let me introduce … Continue reading

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