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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Beads are here!

JUST BEAD IT! JUST BEAD IT! WHOO! Welcome everyone! MR. NEUTRAL coming to you from the new store that has joined our family. While MR. FIX-IT has been working hard day after day getting the new expansion project ready, he … Continue reading

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Green and Pet Donations

SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!! BARKING AND MEOWING UP THE RIGHT TREE!! CINDY THE EFQ (Environmental Friendly Queen) coming to you about the nice generous donation that we have made to the NATURE CONSERVANCY. Thanks to all of our return guests in … Continue reading

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Love and Romance

CUPID IS SHOOTING HIS ARROWS!!! Just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day, MS. DEAL-MAKER, has a great romantic add-on package. For all of you who are looking to woo that special someone in your life, this package is right up … Continue reading

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Ski Slopes are Great!!

WHITE SNOW AND GREAT SKI DEALS!!! Hello, everyone MS. DEAL MAKER wanting to remind all of you avid skiiers out there that the ski season has been well underway and that you cannot miss out on the great packages that … Continue reading

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Ski and Skating Extravaganza

SWOOSHING DOWN THE SLOPES! SIT SPINS ON THE ICE! Welcome to the excitement of the winter season and the great events that are coming up for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER coming to you from the … Continue reading

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4 Leaves are Upon Us

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! EFQ (ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY QUEEN) bringing everyone the upmost exciting and earth friendly promotion that our resort has achieved. I am talking about the Audubon International Green Leaf Eco-Rating. We have achieved the next level … Continue reading

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Proof of ID Across the Border

Hey everyone, RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER bringing our friends and guests NORTH OF THE BORDER a very important update. If you plan on traveling to the US in the future it is now required that you have a driver’s license as … Continue reading

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