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Okay! What do all of these words have in common? Hmmm!!! Let me think about this one. **jeopardy music plays** Golf of course (silly)! Now that the snow is gone and the lakes are unfrozen, the golf courses in the area have been cleaning up and getting ready for this upcoming season. What better to way to save money and golf in Lake Placid then to take part in the Golden Arrow’s superb SPRING GOLF PACKAGE!

You guessed it! MS. DEAL-MAKER is back and ready to unveil this year’s spring golf package. (Personally, I am very excited as this gal loves to swing the clubs and beat out all the competition on the fairways…quite the competitive girl here so watch out..hehe) I have been watching for the past few days the weather warm up nicely and see all of those avid golfers on the driving ranges getting ready for the season to begin. From the voices of the golf world in this area, Whiteface Inn will be opening their fairways this coming April-May weekend!!!

Without further ado, I introduce our SPRING BRINGS THE BIRDIES midweek golf package. This midweek golf package for $65 per person (double occupancy) or $99 (single occupancy) includes one night lodging in one of our spacious Deluxe Guest Rooms and your choice of a Round of Golf at either the Craigwood or the Whiteface Inn (cart is included-which is great for these wiery legs). Of course, would not want to leave out the LP Club Mountain Course, if you would like to play on this green it would be just an additional $5 per person surcharge. Or if your preference is to play on the Links Course at the LP CLub or Saranac Inn there is an additional $20 surcharge per person per round paid directly to the Golf Course. So, many choices that you may have to stay for several days to play them all and we welcome everyone with open arms!!!

Yes, now is the time to book this package today! As it will only be available from now until June 18th, 2010. Just tell the staff of the Golden Arrow that Ms. Deal-Maker informed you about an interesting golf package. I look forward to seeing everyone out on the “greens” and of course at the “19th hole” afterwards. Time to hit the road but before I go, keep those eyes peeled in the future for our summer and fall golf packages. They are as great as the spring one!!! Yours truly wishing everyone Holes in One and to stay out of the darn sandtraps!

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