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Biking in the Adirondacks

Hello again everyone! RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER out enjoying a leisure bike ride out through the Adirondacks and down to Whiteface Mountain. The sky is finally blue and it is a comfortable 70 degrees outside today and a perfect day for a bike ride. Just passed a few fellow athletes out training for the Ironman triathlon that is coming up very soon in July. (oh another impolite vechicle beeping loudly to get out of the way…even though we are in the bike lane of traffic). Please everyone out there in your vechicles be a little patient with our fellow bicyclists and Ironman triathletes. They are just training for an important race and are obeying all traffic rules. (somtimes we have to go into traffic to go around something, lets all enjoy the road together) We need to support them and this great event that is in Lake Placid every year.


Now back to the reason I am here! Pedaling ever so vigoursly down to Whiteface (my legs are ready to fall off…hehe). WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK has just announced that they will be opening a week earlier for a bonus weekend of mountain biking. That is right, all of you mountain bikers out there may experience 27 bike trails that Whiteface offers or ride the Cross Country flume trails from 9am to 3:30pm daily. They will officially open for 3 days on Friday June 18th through Sunday June 20th to get you in the spirit of biking. Then they will officially open for the season on Friday June 25th and be available 7 days a week. (WOW! If I biked that mountain everyday my muscles would be in so need of a massage.)

Hey, while you are down there please give a shout to DOWNHILL MIKE. He is at the base of Whiteface with all of the rentals that you will need and with some pointers and tips about this rugged terrain. He is a great guy!

Now, is the time to take advantage of this bonus weekend of mountain biking and head over to Lake Placid, NY to the Golden Arrow. If you ride your bicycle or drive a hybrid we will even throw in a “green” gift bag for being so earth conscious. Call today because Ms. Deal-Maker may have a special discount to offer for this mountain biking excursion.

Time to go now. My legs are slowly burning out (yes i am that good to type and ride at the same Have a great day and hope to see you at Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid for some great mountain biking!!

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