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2010 Lake Placid Marathon


Hey all you athletes out there! Are your ready to run a marathon? No!?
Well, time to lace up those shoes as Lake Placid is the place to be this weekend. RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTERjust back..pant pant..from a run around the lake…(out of breath). Hold on let me grab a drink. AHHH!! Thats better. Okay, so as I was saying Lake Placid is the stop to be to watch some great athletes.

Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is the host for the 2010 LAKE PLACID MARATHON. That is right! Lake Placid has their very own marathon that has been taking place for over 5 years now. Forget the Boston or the NYC Marathon, come on over to the Adirondacks and watch these atheltes run for themselves or some great charities. They will be participating in a full marathon of 26 miles or half marathon of 13 miles and you can cheer them on to the finish. (whew i am tired after 4 miles..gotta work on that endurance) The race will be taking place this coming Sunday June 13th from the start of the race at 8AM until the finish by 2PM.

The world’s leading running magazine, Runner’s World, reports that a recent readership survey voted the Lake Placid Marathon as the second most popular “Best Destination” race in the United States! Results are listed in the January 2010 issue of Runner’s World Marathon Guide now on newsstands nation wide.
According to the survey, the Lake Placid Marathon’s high ranking is the result of voting done by 7,980 runners who took the 2008 survey online over a 383 day period. There were 435 marathons held in the United States in 2008 (Runner’s World, 2010).
The Lake Placid Marathon was the national runner-up behind the Big Sur Marathon in California.

As you can see, we have a sporty quaint village that has some of the top rated races in the US. Stop into the Golden Arrow this weekend and check out the great view we have of the lake and who knows you may be back next year to participate in the race! Well, time for me to hit the showers. Feeling a little tired after the run. Hope for sunny weather for race day and everyone have a glorious weekend!!

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