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Locally Grown Brunch!!


Back by popular demand the Adirondack Harvest is back!! That is right! In our very own GENERATIONS restaurant Chef Dave Hunt will be working with local vendors and farmers again to bring back this great meal. Instead of dinner this time we will be having a Sunday Brunch!! (yes you wanted brunch and we aim to please) This event will be happening this coming Sunday July 18th, 2010 at 11:00AM. Reservations will not be required and the cost will be $28 per person. (small fee to enjoy great food). I will now let our very own MADAME CUISINE remind everyone what an Adirondack Harvest is all about!! Take it away gal!

OH LA LA!! Madame Cuisine taking time out of my busy schedule in the kitchen to inform you about this delicious meal. An Adirondack Harvest Brunch is a meal designed to promote discussion about the challenges of purchasing/dining locally. Guests will sit down to a locally grown, 5 course, family style meal with our very own head chef David Hunt, Generations Restaurant Manager Mark Corr, area farmers and local brewers. (Of course do not forget this gourmet queen..i will be whipping up some great dishes..yummy)

Check out the great Brunch Menu:
* Chilled Athena Melon Soup with wild blueberries and champagne
* N.Y. state cantaloupe melon from great lakes region
* Northern N.Y. Blueberries from Rulfs Orchard
* Asgaard Farm Maple Goat cheese Blintz with Local maple syrup

* Asgaard Farm Fresh Eggs Benedict with wilted fledgling crow spinach on English muffin and hollandaise sauce

* Braised Kilcoyne sauerbraten with fledgling crow red cabbage and farm purple potato pancakes

* Stir Fried Oriental Greens with Soba noodles – a combination from two farms – tot soi from fledgling crow and bok choy from Rulfs.

* N.Y. state cherry clafouti with poma liqueur reduction and whipped farm fresh cream.

* Screwdrivers made with lake placid vodka


We would like to thank Cris Winters for joining us at the first Adirondack Harvest and writing in the Adirondack Explorer about her experience at this event. If you would like to read about this article please click on ADIRONDACK EXPLORER.
I am so glad that you and your friends enjoyed every savory bite..OH! LA! LA!

I am looking forward to having more individuals enjoy this great meal. So, why are you still sitting there? Get in the car and head up to Lake Placid to Generations Restaraunt on Sunday for a great Brunch. Your taste buds will be glad you did. Do not forget to tell them that Madame Cuisine sent you. I am being waved to help in the kitchen. Until then have a delicious day!! OH! LA! LA!

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