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Tournaments Abound in Lake Placid


As the summer season keeps rolling along and the beautiful weather continues, so do all the exciting events in the surronding area. RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER letting everyone know about the exciting events that will be happening these next few weeks.

But first I want to congratulate all the Ironman/Ironwoman who participated in Sunday’s Ironman race. You are a true Ironman and even though the weather was lousy you kept on racing. CONGRATULATIONS! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!

rugby.jpg rugby.jpg

Okay, back to the events!! All you active athletes who like a little rough and tough in your sports. Then the 37TH ANNUAL CAN-AM RUGBY TOURNAMENT is right up your alley. This weekend from July 30th through August 1st, 2010 teams from all over the US will be descending into Saranac Lake and Lake Placid for this head and body smashing event. The men and ladies will be bumping, tackling and running for the goal to ensure their teams victory. (I am sure to see many banged up knees, arms, and heads,,hopefully not mine…lol!) So, if this is your cup of tea then head down to Saranac Lake this weekend for all the action.

skating_couple.jpg skating_figureskaters2.jpg

For all of you skater enthusiasts who like to spin, jump and glide across the ice, has Lake Placid have a great event for you. I am talking about the LAKE PLACID ICE DANCING CHAMPIONSHIPS that will take place August 5th through the 8th. Ice skating couples from all over the US will be descending on the area in hopes for GOLD! (If they were to invite me on the ice, I would spin myself right through the ice..hehe). So, all of you who love figure skating this is a competition not to miss. If you would like info about scheduling and times please visit you will not want to miss it!

Oh! Do not want to forget our Lacrosse Players. The 2010 LAKE PLACID SUMMIT LACROSSE TOURNAMENT will be held this coming week from Weds. August 4th through Sunday August 8th. All over Lake Placid in many fields provided down near the Horseshow grounds, teams will be racing back and forth with their netted sticks and trying to score goals for their team. (Watch out, flying ball coming at your It is a great tournament!! Lake Placid is proud to host these Lacrosse teams year after year.

So, for all of you who do not think there is plenty to do in the area, head to Lake Placid because there is an enormous array of events in store for the near future. Okay, time to strap on my miracle running shoes. So many places to be and little time to be there. Wish me luck!!! Goodbye everyone!

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