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Labor Day Weekend & Four Day Work Week!!

HOT!! HOT!!! HOT!!

Is it hot in the city right now? Tired of those long exhausting hours at work? In case you forgot Labor Day is just around the corner. That is right!!! An extended weekend with an enjoyable 3 days off. (Gosh, wish I had that…kidding..need the moolah) So, RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER AND PERSONAL TOUR GUIDE is here to tell you that there is no better place to be now or this weekend than in the Adirondack Mountains in beautiful Lake Placid, NY!!!!

The extended forecast this week is great. Hot 80 degrees in downtown Lake Placid, perfect for swimming, hiking, biking or any other interesting outdoor activites. Being donned the Tour Guide of the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort (it is a great job) let me clue you in on a few ideas to help you plan your travels. Grab your hiking gear and head over to the ADIRONDACK LOJ and the Mount Marcy/Heart Lake area. There are some great mountain ranges for you and your entire family to enjoy a vigourous or relaxing climb in the Adirondacks. Heart lake is beautiful and picturesque and if you plan on hiking Mount Marcy plan leaving very early in the morning as it is a full day hike. But, such great views at the summit. For the inexperience climbers there is Mount Jo and some other trails in this area which will be right up your alley.

Not up for a hike and just want to kick back and relax on the beautiful waters in Lake Placid? Then enjoy a nice relaxing cruise on the LAKE PLACID MARINA BOAT TOUR on the serene waters of Lake Placid. This tour will take you out and a guide will explain the great history of the lake itself and you will get the story of the mysterious “Lady of the Lake”. (Yah, oohhh, a legend..gotta love them) They are actually going to shoot a motion picture of this mysterious woman from Lake Placid’s great history.

If you are still reading this blog? WHY??!!! I expected to see all of your smiling faces by now! Get in that car or on that motorcycle and head to Lake Placid!! Weather is gorgeous and time to enjoy that extended Labor Day weekend.

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