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The Ever Expanding Resort


Been a while but MR. FIX-IT standing on the new site of our expansion project that has been taking shape right in front of my very eyes. I have been cracking the whip and grinding the stone to bring this project to life. (of course I cannot take all the credit…..yeah i can LOL). This project has taken a whole new shape over the past month and I am here to bring you the exciting new pics of the progress that the crew and I have made.

If you do not believe me take a look for yourself: CLICK ON PIC TO ENLARGE


Pretty exciting project going on and quite the change from the last time that I showed you pics. Hopefully the next time I chat there will be some inside photo shots. Who knows with this project moving so smoothly I might even get a chance to relax and enjoy a cocktail but I doubt that.

Also, I should mention that please check out and check out all the exciting events coming into the area in the near future. If I did not say that MS. DEAL MAKER would have my sore hands in a vice grip. OUCH!!

Until next time MR. FIX-IT hammering his way out of here. Cheers!

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