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Winter is in the Air!!


As mother nature is finally approaching that wonderful winterland season, it is time to for the avid skiier to wax up those skis and get ready for skiing at Whiteface Mountain. Temperatures in Lake Placid have readily been in the 30′s and that can only mean one thing…..SNOW!!!!! There has been a trickle of snow showers in the air and the snow caps are back on the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. Word from WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN is that snow making will be happening really soon. (maybe Santa Claus will be spotted for a special visit to Lake Placid,,,you never can tell). While we are waiting for the jolly one are very own MS. DEAL MAKER would like to reveal more ski packages that everyone will enjoy. Take it way our Gal of Deals!!!

Why thank you all my wonderful fellow associates at the Golden Arrow. As they were saying hints of the upcoming Winter Season are in the Lake Placid. So, as promised all my wonderfull hot doggers and ski bunnies (oh, I just love saying that…tee-hee) I would like to bring you more great savings for room accommodations at the Golden Arrow and skiing at the Mountain. Of course, you all read about the wonderful midweek ski deal. WHAT? If you didnt…hmmm that is a shame. Anyway I would like to bring you two more great ski packages.

First of all I have put together a WEEKEND SKI PACKAGE for certain weekends early and late season, plus In-season. We have the weekend ski package is based on double occupancy and includes two night accommodations and two days of skiing at Whiteface Mountain. Early Season and Late Season for $199 per person you can enjoy this great package on certain weekends. In-Season for $269 per person you may enjoy this package, as well, on certain weekends. Please contact the Golden Arrow for the specific weekends this savings is available. Great Great deals for individuals who can only come to Lake Placid on the weekends. Yes, I know the darn work schedule holds some of us to just weekend ski trips.

I will be shocked if anyone passes up this next great Ski Deal!! Whiteface Mountain has some fun special events happening on certain Sundays throughout the Ski season and they are proud to call them SUPER SUNDAYS!! (catchy name right). Well, in conjunction with Whiteface I have come up with our very own Super Sunday Ski Package. For a price of $69 per person on these selected Sundays: Dec. 12th, Jan. 2nd, Feb. 6th, Mar. 13th & Apr. 3rd. Experience the thrill and excitement of the pristine trails on Sunday and afterwards enjoy the comfort of your guest room included in this low price. (No, I am not joking $69 per person gets you this great deal). These Sundays are usually themed events so please enjoy the time on the Mountain as you become involved with the festivites.

PHEW!!! So, many great ski packages my head is spinning!! I cannot wait to jump on my skis with my dear MR. FIX-IT (oh he is such a doll) and tackle the slopes. Time to head out of here. Everyone have a great winter season and do not forget your hat and gloves!!!

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