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Thanks for Giving!!!



In case, everyone is not aware yet, THANKSGIVING is just around the horizon. That means spending quality time with the family and lets not forget Black Friday where the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping is maddening in the stores (yes I am up at 3am and headed out myself for that day..hehe) RICH YOUR NEWCASTER would like you to hop in your car and head to Lake Placid this Thankgiving weekend as there is always great shopping and a major event scheduled for the area. What is the event you may ask?? There is a spectacular professional ice skating show that will be taking place on Saturday November 27th in the HERB BROOKS ARENA.


STARS ON ICE sponsered by Smuckers brings professional figure skaters from around the world for one evening in Lake Placid to showcase their skating talents. This is their special 25th Anniversary tour! They put on a spectacular Ice Show that everyone in the family will enjoy. They took a break last year from Lake Placid but we are glad to have this breath-taking show back where it belongs. Some of the great skaters that will be featured this year is none other than gold medalist EVAN LYSACEK and SASHA COHEN. They will be joined by an array of astounding other famous professianl figure skaters and is hosted live by none other than SCOTT HAMILTON. (WOW! Excitement is abound, watching all those spins and jumps makes me nautious). Remember this joyous event will take place on Saturday November 29th at 8pm. There are still great seats available for this show so please contact the Box Office today!!

OH! Before I forget please stop by to our very own GENERATIONS restaurant where Madame Cuisine is whipping up a great culinary Thanksgiving feast for this all auspitious day. (Boy, I cannot wait to indulge in all the great eats. Will have to loosen up the belt a little…heh). As, you can see great eats and a fabulous show to see this coming Thanksgiving. Get on that phone or hop in that car and drive to the Adirondacks to Lake Placid!! Hope to see everyone in LP this upcoming holiday and see you at the show!

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