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Gifts for the Holidays???


Sitting on your computer right now wondering what am I going to get my family this year for Christmas? (I know what you mean, doing the same thing). Searching for that special gift for that loved one? Please take my advice and dont getting a splitting headache from all the endless searching. I have the perfect gift that anyone would enjoy. What perfect place to receive this gift than from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in the heart of the Adirondacks in downtown Lake Placid, NY!!

What is this GREAT gift you may ask?? Let our very own MS. DEAL-MAKER have the honors on bestowing this honor. “Thank you all my lovies at the Golden Arrow”. “I would be honored to introduce the perfect gift for anyone struggling for a solution to their Holiday woes.” Enough talking out of this girl, let me tell you all about it!! I am speaking none other than the GOLDEN ARROW GIFT CARD. Yes, you can purchase a gift card for anyone in the family or that special someone for any nominal amount. These gift cards are good for any room type in the resort and for any services the resort may offer. They are good for ONE YEAR of date of purchase and are the perfect stocking stuffer or something to place in that X-mas Card. (As, I see people slapping themselves in the forehead) Don’t worry my darlings people forget all the time about gift cards. What perfect way to say I love you then giving them a trip they most definitely deserve. Remember, they can be used anytime of the year. There is NO RESTRICTIONS on when these fabulous gift cards can be used!!

You have not picked up the phone yet? Well, no hurries the Golden Arrow has many gift cards on file for everyone to purchase. OH! I just looked outside. As, I am typing the wonderful snow is falling out of the sky slowly changing the ground into a Winter Wonderland. Just in time for the wonderful Ski Season and all the great savings on our Ski Packages. Have a wonderful Holiday Season everyone and save some eggnog for yours truly…hehe!!

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