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New & Exciting Winter Events


Planning that iteniary for your trip to beautiful and picturesque Lake Placid, NY? Wondering, hmmm, did this so many times. I wonder if there is something different to experience while there? Keep wondering why there is not a lot of evening events after a hard day of skiing? Have I got news for you!! There are a couple great family events that will be featured in the early evenings at a few of our wonderful Olympic venues this upcoming Winter season!!!

RICHARD YOUR NEWSCASTER is doing somersaults and cartwheels (literally, I really am..hehe) around the Golden Arrow in anticipation for these two new activites for this Winter Season. Okay! Okay! I have chatted along enough. Time to break this great news. So, you have retired those skis and boots for the day and wondering what is there to do with the family now? Take a trip to the OLYMPIC SPORTS COMPLEX where the Bobsled and Luge track is located. Certain dates throughout the winter season they will be hosting from 3:30 to 7pm an APRES SLIDING PARTY. They will be having thrilling rides, great music, prize giveaways, a cozy bonfire, s’mores, delicious food, hot cocoa and even a chance to win another winter vacation to Whiteface Lake Placid! This is a unique occasion where you can try both the Bobsled and Skeleton Experience in one evening. (Wow!! This is an experience that your family will want to experience….my head is still spinning from this thrilling ride). There is a fee for these rides but it is well worth the cost!! Slide down the very track where elite athletes compete in World Cup and World Championship events, at speeds faster than you ever thought you would go! Come join us! Admission to the Olympic Sports Complex is free during the après parties. This is a great new event that will keep you busy even during the wee hours in the evening. Please contact the Golden Arrow for the dates that these parties will be taking place!! The gracious staff is waiting for that call.

So, that takes care of one evening during your vacation. Okay! Now the children are saying, “Mom and Dad we want to go sliding on the snow”! You throw your hands up in the air saying we did not bring the sleds. Do not throw in the towel just yet!!! I have the perfect solution that has just been added for this winter. At the OLYMPIC SKI JUMPING COMPLEX they are offering Thursday through Saturday evenings SNOW TUBING!!! No, you eyes are not deceiving! You can catapult yourself and your family down a 1000 foot chute and enjoy the intoxicating feeling of flying down the hill. (No, they are not sending you off the ski jumps…wow that would be fun though..haha) The snow tubing will be available on Thursday through Saturday in the early evening from 5 to 8pm. Also, there will be a day session available before you leave Lake Placid on Sunday from 10am to 2pm. The cost is $8 per hour or $15 for 2 hours. This is a reasonable price for your family to enjoy this invigorating feeling of sliding down a great hill. For every tubing ticket purchased, funds will go to support USA Ski Jumping.

Amazing!! The Olympic Regional Developmental Authority have given us two more daring oppurtunities for families to experience while in Lake Placid. Check off that list on your iteniary and have a great vacation in Lake Placid. I will look forward to catching you all at these venues.

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