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Cascade Suite is Ready to Unveil!!


It has been a long time coming but it is time to announce the new suite that is finally finished in the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. It is your handy man for all occassions back after a long sabatical and ready to inform you about this nice suite. MR. FIX-IT back with sore fingers and tired hands as my staff and I have been working long hours to get our brand new suite ready for the New Year!! (yes, my blisters have blisters on them from all the hammering and building…need to soak them for a long time..hehe). Right on schedule as planned the Suite is ready and waiting for all you potential guests out there to enjoy a relaxing vacation in. Ok! Ok! I have chatted enough, lets get to the reason we are here!!

Without further ado, I would like to introduce the NEW CASCADE COURTYARD SUITE!! This is a spacious 3 room suite with two full bathrooms and a full eat-in Kitchen. When you first walk into this courtyard suite you will enter the main room where there are two double beds and a pull-out sofa right in front of a wood burning fireplace. Spacious area for guests to hang out in after a long day of activites. Right off the main room is the kitchen area to cook or heat up any of your favorite meals. From the main room you will enter into a bedroom where a king size bed is located. Just past the king size room is another bedroom where an additional double bed will be found. There are two separate bathrooms located off the main room and off the king size room. All 3 rooms each have their own television, so if family wants to watch different In-room movies or their favorite show this is very possible. (PHEW!! I am tired just describing all these rooms…hold on gotta catch my breath.)

The Cascade Suite is located in a separate building on the Golden Arrow property and has an exterior entrance only from the outside of the building. There is no view of the lake from this room but with all this space for your entire family including children and possibly grandma and grandpa, what more could you ask for. This is now officially the largest suite in the resort and this can technically sleep up to 9 people. (WOW!! No your eyes are not deceiving you. Count then 9! 9! 9!)

Before this tremendous Suite gets all reserved for the New Year 2011. Give us a buzz today and jump at the chance for a great room. Well, I got many other projects to attend to at the resort. My work is never done!!! (lol) Oh and I see Ms. Deal Maker running down the hall looking for me. Everyone have a great New Year and will keep you all posted on any new rooms or happenings in the Golden Arrow!!

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