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North of the Border Deal


Welcome all you NORTH OF THE BORDER GUESTS! MS. DEAL MAKER striking up the great deals for our Canadien Guests north of the border. You heard it right I am just full of love and offering great deals to anyone and everyone. I have another special that is right up your alley! I am offering CANADIAN CASH AT PAR. Yes, you did not hear that wrong, for the next few months, yours truly is accepting Canadian Cash at check-in as the same as the American Dollar. (I know what you are all thinking, this woman is just full of love; you are absolutely right!)


We will accept this from now until December 20th, 2007 on any room in the hotel including Specialty Rooms and Suites; also on any midweek or weekend stay. For further information on this deal please visit and click on packages to get all this and other exciting deals I have to offer.

Please visit the local Lake Placid website and see all the exciting events and activites happening in the surronding area.

This gal is outta here and headed to strike up some more great deal and packages for everyone to enjoy at the GOLDEN ARROW LAKESIDE RESORT. Kisses and toodles to you all!!!

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