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2011!! Enjoying it so Far??


I know, I know, its a little late. But, I have been caught up with all the events and activites in Lake Placid, NY and at the Golden Arrow that just getting around to wishing you all the best. 2010 was a great year with lots of fond memories and marvelous events that came and past. Rich your liason to the Golden Arrow has pondering over these memories. Looking back it seems just like yesterday that all the Tri-Athletes were racing in the IRONMAN. The kids were laughing and being entertained by the live show of Curious George at the Olympic Center. STARS ON ICE came back to the Herb Brooks Arena for all the figure skating enthursiasts!! (ah, the fond memories of falling on the ice skating rink, tumbling down Whiteface Mountain or hiking up and down those long hikes….not really but they were a blast as well…lol). Events and activities come and go but it is the memories that all of our patrons have made in Lake Placid that will last for a life time!

On behalf of the Golden Arrow, I want to take this time to thank all of the patrons who have frequented our doors of the resort this year. We enjoyed each and everyone of our guests and look forward to another great year. You have helped us with many “Green” ideas for our Eco-Friendly resort and have taken them all into consideration. Our very own CINDY THE E.F.Q. has been busy organizing and implementing these ideas. GENERATIONS RESTAURANT has had a great first year!! Lots of old patrons have enjoyed the cuisine that Chef Dave Hunt has served up this past year and many new patrons shall enjoy it in the future. (Great job Dave…keep it up!!) It is a refreshing family style menu for everyone to enjoy. If everyone has not noticed the newest item to kick off the year of 2011 was the unveiling of our new CASCADE SUITE that large families can enjoy for years to come.

A quick reminder from our very own MS. DEAL MAKER, that please check out all the great deals that will are here or will be coming for 2011. These Packages are always great savings and will ease the tension on the wallet. Hurry back to Lake Placid through the winter and summer season to partake in all the old and new events and ideas happening in the area. (I am going to try and stay on my feet this time coming down that slope..hehe..wish me luck) So, from the whole staff here at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, have a great 2011 and safe travels on your vacation to Lake Placid!!!

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