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Are you sitting right now watching your favorite hockey team skating back and forth on the ice and scoring those hat tricks? Thinking to yourself, “Hmm, wouldn’t it be great to hop on our hockey skates and get a team together to test your skills in this great sport.” Hop into your car and head to Lake Placid area where those dreams could be come a reality. RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER outside the back door of the Golden Arrow on Mirror Lake just about to lace up my skates to head out on the ice!!! (wish me luck, that I dont fall on my tailbone again..ouch)

Ahh!! I remember the memories of my childhood. There was something very special about playing hockey on the frozen pond. Heading down to the Pond with your skates over your shoulder. You and hockey buddies pushing the newly fallen snow off the Pond, setting the boots as goal posts, and hearing the imaginary roar of the crowd as you score the first goal! It just doesn’t get any better than this! The CAN/AM HOCKEY ASSOCIATION has done just that!!! You can re-enact this scene in Lake Placid, NY on January 27-30, 2011. The script is perfect…Pond Hockey with a team of close friends, the setting is spectacular with Whiteface Mountain overlooking Mirror Lake, the competition spirited and intense, and add into the mix the atmosphere of the Olympic site and the 1980 Gold Medal Victory. A Unique happening is about to take place. Be there to experience what hockey is all about.

Golden Arrow is very excited and happy to have all of our Pond Hockiers back for this upcoming weekend to enjoy another great year of Pond Hockey on Mirror Lake. The rinks have been getting set up and the lake cleared for this amazing event. (One suggestion, bring your heavy clothes and bundle up..dont want you frozen to that ice..hehe). We look forward to watching everyone strive for the gold medal in the division. OH!!!! Do not want to leave the youngsters out!! Sorry guys. There is also a Children’s hockey tournament going on across the street at the OLYMPIC ARENA. CANADIAN HOCKEY ENTERPRISE is hosting one of many youth hockey tournaments at the same time this weekend. If you get too cold from watching the guys out on the ice on Mirror Lake and want to watch more hockey, then head across the road to the Olympic Center and watch the youngsters strive for the Gold. Whew!!! Now I am all stoked to get out on this ice. Wish me luck and Good luck to all the participants this weekend in your tournaments!!! Goals for everyone!!! (Falls on ice few times) Have a great hockey weekend!!!

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