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Long time no see or was it just a few days ago (who knows this gal is always losing track because of all the great deals). MS. DEAL MAKER & RICH YOUR AVID SPORTSCASTER dropping a few more packages and deals right on your lap. Yes, believe it or not they let us chat together and come up with great packages. WOW!! Enough about us; lets get to what is most important all of you guests.

RICH wanted to have me remind you that all of you golfers out there definetly have to book your reservations for our great golf package that we offer for midweek in the fall season. It is only $89 PER PERSON and includes an array of goodies that all golfers will enjoy. This package includes the following:


Deluxe Lodging, 18 holes of golf (cart included), Continental Breakfast at Charlie’s Restaurant, & a wine or beer at either Roomers Nightclub or the T-Bar.

And don’t forget that we except CANADIAN CASH AT PAR for this same package. This is absolutely insane and crazy but hey we love all of our patrons! I heard that Rich prefers the 19th hole but we will not tell anyone about that…lol (Whoops already did!)

Hey Ms. Deal Maker thanks for letting the secret out; but it is totally fine cause I have a pretty great golf swing. Please all you golfers visit any of these exciting golf courses in the area for a great round of golf. Please visit, or and see where all the aces, bogeys and hole in ones are taking place. You will definetly not be sorry that you did and yes they all have a great 19 hole.

Hey, this gal wants to let all you romantic types out there know that we have extended our LOVIN’ PACKAGE until the end of October 31st, 2007 on all of our different type of rooms. So, all you romantics out there looking to treat your special someone to a romantic evening now is the time. Please visit and click on packages to see this great deal.

Thank you again RICH SPORTSCASTER for blogging with me this fine evening and make sure that you keep all of us posted about any exciting sporting events headed to the area. No, problem MS. DEAL MAKER, and you make sure that all of those great deals keep cranking out. From both of us here at the Golden Arrow have a pleasant and great day!!!!

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