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Empire State Games are back!!


Hey everyone! RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER once again (I know you all are getting tired of me but I love to chat so much). I cannot believe it is almost that time of the year again and time for the 31st annual Empire State Games. New York State several months ago had cancelled the event. But, thanks to everyone in the Lake Placid area and the Olympic Regional Developmental Authority, they funded this great event to continue in Lake Placid. KUDOS to them!!! This event will take place the weekend of February 25th through the 27th, all different kinds of youth athletes and adults will participating in a myriad of Olympic Style Events. (I tip my hat to these athletes and all the time effort put into becoming a great athlete!)

This would include alpine skiing at Whiteface Mountain. At the Ski Jumping Complex they will strutting their aerial skills and ski jumping prowess. (would not catch me in a million years jumping off the jump. ouch that would hurt). There will be at the Olympic Center figure skaters jumping and spinning, also, hockey players passing the ole puck around. Do not forget the exciting bobsled and luge action out at Mount Van Hovenberg and X-country skiing!

All of this will start with Opening Ceremonies on Friday Feb 25th at 6:00 pm leading to all the great action on Saturday. You will not want to miss all of this fun and entertainment as some of the aspiring athletes from all over NY state compete for gold. (if only I had started sooner, I might have reached that gold medal status…ahh a man can dream! lol).

Please do not forget that if you are up in Lake Placid on this Presidents Holiday Weekend to check out DISNEY ON ICE’S PRINCESS CLASSICS. All your disney princesses brought to life on the ice in one breath-taking show. This is a great experience for families. Your children will thank you for years to come. Showtimes still available for Saturday through Monday evening. Perfect activity if your legs are wiery from the heavy days of skiing.

Time to hit the road and hope to see everyone this coming week and weekend for all the festivities. Oh! I just saw Princess Jasmine. Maybe, catch her autograph. Bye everyone!!

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