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The staff at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort are so stoked to unveil our brand new website. We have worked long and hard hours to come up with the perfect site that would express what the Golden Arrow is all about!! I, personally, feel that this new site has done just that. Its a fresh bold new site with crisp images and very user friendly options to ensure that each and every guest will be able to reserve the perfect vacation at the resort. (rich here is not the best in figuring how to navigate through sites…even I could figure this one out..hehe) Lot of hard work but phew it is finally done and ready to go.

Check out the new Package page which will lead you down the path of building the perfect deal. MS. DEALMAKER wants to state it will save some money in the pocket in these times of high gas prices. Highly recommend checking that out. Are you a frequent guest at the Golden Arrow? Have you signed up for our Valued Guest Program for returning guests? (What not yet? Do I have to get the ruler out?) Then please take the time to join this program as there is always great incentives and savings attached to this program. OH! Do not want to forget! CINDY OUR EFQ would strike me down. Check out all the eco-friendly and “green” aspects that she has worked on to make our “5 leaf rated” resort sustainable.

Time to click over to the Golden Arrow’s new website and check out all the exciting features. If you have any suggestions to make the website even better do not hesitate to drop us a line at as we will take into consideration any feedback. Kudos to Jennifer and Sierra for working so hard in making sure that our new website went up in a timely fashion. You gals are the best!! One last thank you (I know I am full of the love today) to everyone for being the patrons of the Golden Arrow and I extremely appreciate all of my avid readers enjoying my blog each and every week.

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