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Spring Skiing (Not Clean)


It is approaching the end of March and everyone is slowly breaking out the cleaning supplies to get started on early Spring cleaning. My question to you is WHY??!!!! When you could be out enjoying a day of leisure skiing the slopes of WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN. Possibly get a trip together with the girls and take in all the boutiques in downtown Lake Placid and grab a bite to eat later. (that is this girls favorite thing….taking some of my darlings hard earn cash and pampering myself…ah it is so nice..hehe) Maybe, the guys would like to sit around and watch their favorite Hockey or basketball teams in our STRAIGHT SHOT LOUNGE or any of the other local pubs in town. Grab those skis and your closest buddies and head on over to Lake Placid.

MS. DEAL MAKER is back and saying that now is the time to take part in the Golden Arrow’s awesome LATE SEASON MIDWEEK SKI PACKAGE For a mere $79 per person per night from Sunday through Thursday you will receive a comfortable Deluxe Guest room and a lift ticket for each person to Whiteface Mountain. No, doth your eyes are not deceiving you! This is a great savings especially now that the conditions on the slopes are spectacular. The recent slope conditition update is there is 78 trails still open!!! WOW!!! The surface is loose to frozen granular. Perfect Spring Skiing!! I do not remember having this many trails open at this time for over several years. Check out the WHITEFACE PODCAST for all the current updates at the mountain. So, I repeat myself, why are you still sitting around? Pack those skis and head to the Golden Arrow. OH!! Before I forget do not miss the final SUPER SUNDAY SKI DEAL on April 3rd, 2011. For $69 per person you can enjoy a day of skiing on Sunday and relax for the evening in your guest room.

Before, I go our very own Environmentally Friendly Queen, Cindy (don’t you just love that name) would like me to mention that do not miss out on the Maple Sugar Shack that resides in the parking lot of the Golden Arrow. This mobile sugaring shack will be here till Earth Day on April 22nd. They are holding demonstrations on how maple sugar and syrup is made and try out their tasty delights as they are delicious!! Our very own GENERATIONS restaurant has a special menu showcasing this Maple sugar for everyone to enjoy. Well, all this talk has got this gal hungry. Have a great Early Spring!!!

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