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The Seasons Are Changing!



RICH THE SPORTSCASTER AND NOW LOCAL NEWSMAN for the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort wanting to let you know that Fall weather is in the air. What a great summer it has been but now it is time to shift gears and get ready for the warm days and crisp nights. The foliage is slowly beginning to show off their dazzling colors and the fall golf season is still in full bloom. (Not to mention most parents dream, the children are off to school..haha!) Hey, I heard that!!

Oh! Sorry Little Z did not realise you were on here (THERE IS ALSO STILL PLENTY TO DO IN THE AREA FOR US CHILDREN AS WELL)!. There definetly is and sorry that I forgot the little ones.

But, to all of you who love the autumn leaves and cooler evenings and of course lower rates. Then you need to head to Lake Placid and stop by our resort and check out the great deal offers. Do not forget to check out the ADIRONDACK SCENIC RAILROAD which gives you a ride from Lake Placid to Saranac Lake and back. This will give you a great oppurtunity to check out the dazzling colors that are rapidly approaching. For further information please visit

Hey Rich don’t take all the blog time OHHH LA LA!!! The floor is all yours MADAME CUISINE; did not realise you were around. Honey, this ole gal is always around and whipping great eats in the kitchen and dining room of CHARLIE’S!

We just had a great Wine Pairing Dinner this past week which was a huge success and my feet are still tired from all the spectacular food that we had prepared. Just wanted to let all you culinary and food lovers to not forget to stop into Charlie’s and taste one of the many delectable dishes that we have to offer in the Autumn Season!

This gal is outta here, so Rich tell Mr. Fix-It to keep up the great work on the Expansion Project and Pool Renovation (cause I got my eye on him) OHHHH LA LA!!! LOL Good night all.

Thanks again Madame Cuisine and to all of you tourists out there please visit Lake Placid very soon cause the Autumn weather is definetly in the air. You do not want to miss out on the spectacular views and great fall colors.

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