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Happy Easter!!!


Easter is a great time of the year. You have time to spend quality time with the loved ones. Get all dressed up for church and of course every childs  favorite, the Easter Bunny visits them. I bet all the children today have been on a candy rush from all those delicious treats and are out there wearing their Sunday best!!! As we all know Easter is in the Spring and in the Lake Placid area the seasons are rapidly changing from snow covered Mountains to blooming trees and plant life all around. Trails are slowly drying up for hiking and this is the time of the year that the Golden Arrow spruces up the resort (no pun intended or do I…lol) While you are enjoying the holiday or maybe in the Lake Placid area give us a buzz or stop in and see what improvements and packages the Spring season has to offer.

Yes, the time has come to chat about the hotel improvements!!  MR FIX-IT is finally back to give everyone the low down on any new projects that my crew and I have been busily working on. First thing is that all of the 22 different types of Suites and Specialty rooms now have Flat screen TV’s installed into all the rooms. We have been working on many of the rooms remodeling the decor and placing new furniture for our guests to enjoy. It is a long strenuous process and time consuming but worth it to see all of our smiling guests’ faces. (My fingers have blisters all over from all the painting, hammering and moving of all this new furniture…not much room for another band-aid) It is worth all the hard work.

Personally, I have been working on another HAYSTACK SPECIALTY ROOM seeing that the other 4 have been so popular. I figured why not add one on the beach level of the resort. Will be not much longer and this new room will join the other Haystack rooms and allowing couples to enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the lake with their very own gas fireplace and relax in the main room in an oversized whirlpool tub. OH MY!! Ms. Dealmaker has been begging me for months to join her in the tub!! That about does it for this hard working man. Time to hit the grindstone and I will see you all very soon!!

As you can see our construction and maintenance department have been very hard at work to make your stay at the Golden Arrow an enjoyable one. (gets hit with a pen..ouch) I think our gal of deals wants to say a few words. So, I better turn it over to her. Take it away MS. DEALMAKER!! “Thank you Rich.” “Sorry about the pen my dear.” Our guests needed to know about the new BED AND BREAKFAST deal that is avaiable from now through the month of May!! Want to spend a special evening with that loved on or family. Come join us with this package deal and you can enjoy one of our Deluxe Guest rooms and Breakfast in the morning at GENERATIONS. Travel during the week for $99 per night on this package or working all week and can only come up on the weekend, then for $149 per night you can enjoy the same package. In these high gas priced times this is the perfect oppurtunity to save money in the wallet and enjoy a night away from work. Gotta run my dears. Just seen Mr. Fix-It and he owes me a romantic evening together.

“Thank you Ms. Dealmaker and please do not hurt Mr. Fix-It too much.” While our two love birds whisk off to their perspective projects, I want to wish everyone again HAPPY EASTER!! We look forward to seeing all of our patrons in the near future.

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