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Holidays Just Around the Corner


RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER back at you and looking forward to the upcoming weekends.  Spring has been in the air for a few weeks and the warmer temps have been very refreshing (been working on the tan but seems to be burning more than  For the past week the temperatures have been in the 60′s and 70′s.  (Yay! Time to break out the shorts and the swimsuits…brrr kinda cold in the lake for that..but hey to each there own)!!  What a perfect time for this great weather with two different Holidays about to happen.  To our friends across the border you will be celebrating VICTORIA DAY.  Here in the US we will have in a couple of weeks MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.

Just wanted to touch base with all of you out there in cyberland and say that it is going to be a great two weekends to be in Lake Placid at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.  We are in the process in putting out our canoes, kayaks and rowboats on our white-sanded beach area (weather permitting of course, would not want rain to sink the boats).  The major golf courses in the area Craigwood, Whiteface Inn and Saranac Inn have officially opened and have all fresh greens and those dreaded sand traps. Our very own MS. DEALMAKER touched base with all of you a while ago about the great GOLF PACKAGES that we have to offer. God bless our deal-makers heart for all the great savings. Or if swinging the ole club is not your forte, then strap on the hiking boots and head to the picturesque views from the Mount Marcy are or grab your fishing pole and head to the Ausable River for some great fly fishing. 


As of Friday May 20th the picturesque WHITEFACE VETERANS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY will officially open its road to the top of Whiteface Mountain.  Take in the breath-taking views from a top the stone staircase and castle at the top of the mountain. If you look off to the left at the top you may just get a glimpse of our wonderful resort (maybe, I will stand out a wave a huge flag for everyone to see).  This venue is open during the day from 9am to 4pm where the last trip will be allowed up the highway.

As you can see the weather is looking decent and plenty of activities to enjoy while in Lake Placid.  Time to pack up the kids or with that special someone and head to Lake Placid this upcoming Victoria or Memorial weekends.  You will be glad you did!!  Time for this boy to head over to the golf course and practice my golf swing.  (Such, a wicked slice I have to get corrected or I will never be able to compete in the  Until then safe travels for everyone!

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