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Oktoberfest and Foliage Season

RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER coming to you live from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, justing wanting to let all of you LEAF PEEPERS and CELEBRATORY OKTOBERFESTERS know that the annual WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN OKTOBERFEST is just around the corner. That is right in just a few weeks Whiteface Mountain will be celebrating its 16th Annual Oktoberfest. (Boy, am I excited lot of great ales and Bavarian Food to be had). Always one of my favorite times to celebrate.


Its also a great time to take the Scenic Gondola Ride to the top of the Summit of Little Whiteface Mountain and check out the spectacular view of the Fall Foliage and great scenery for miles and miles. But again lets not forget about the Bavarian Drinks and Food!!!! lol This Oktoberfest will have vendors, arts and crafts, ski-ride gear sale, mini-rail jam, and live entertainment (to go with the great ale and food—okay enough about that).

HEY! HEY! DONT FORGET ABOUT THE KIDS! Oh, sorry LITTLE Z that is right there is plenty to do with the little ones. You got that right, I just love the ever so popular hayride and all of the fun rides and kids games that OPTOBEFEST has to offer. “Z, I think you meant OKTOBERFEST”

“That is what i said OPTOBEFEST!”

Well, as you can see it is great time for all ages and this will all be taking place on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH AND SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH. For further information about this exciting event and times please visit Also, there are still plenty of wonderful rooms at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, for room information please visit

So, hurry up all you leaf peepers and fun seekers a like and get to Lake Placid for this very exciting event! I am outta here!

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