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Summer Heat has arrived!!


If you have looked or stepped outside in the past few days, you are well aware that the hot hot hot days of summer has begun.  The temperatures have reached in the 80′s the last few days and the humidity has been very balmy.  RICH YOUR NEWS AND SPORTSCASTER for the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is sitting out on one of our nice blue chaises on the beautiful raked white sanded beach made of crushed white limestone.  (sipping my delicious margarita…shhh…dont tell anyone)  The sun has been brightly shining and I keep wondering where is everybody on this nice day?  I just saw a few individuals swimming with their wetsuits training for the Ironman.  Such, great will power they have to train and race in that long and grueling adventure.  A young child splashing around in the water…how sweet.  There goes one of our complimentary paddleboats and a kayak headed out on this beautiful clear Mirror Lake.  Such a great feeling seeing all these individuals from all walks of life enjoying our beach and the lake.  *waving to MR. FIX-IT*  “Hey, there How is that new Haystack Suite on the beach level coming along?”  He is such a hard worker, I just got a nod and off he goes again.  As I am sitting here pondering, I would like to fill you in on a few things that are happening in the area throughout the month of June that may be of interest.

To kick off the next few weekends of events, we are having the LAKE PLACID MARATHON on Sunday June 12th.  Runners from all over the US and from Canada will arrive in Lake Placid this weekend and participate in this scenic and challenging Marathon race.  Yes, yours truly, will be at the starting line and running the Half Marathon.  Wish me the best of luck!!  Do not let that stop you from coming to town.  All weekend you will see all kinds of motorcycles stopping in town on their way to the Americade in Lake George, NY.  Great time to check out on Main street all the different types of motorcyles.  Children love it!!!  If this weekend would not be a great time to enjoy the summer weather and the events. 

Then, head on over for the weekend of June 16th through the 19th where the annual WILMINGTON WHITEFACE BIKE FEST will be taking place in Lake Placid and at the picturesque Whiteface Mountain.  Bicyclists will be trying their skills biking up the ever so steep Whiteface Mountain and the Memorial Highway.  This is a weekend long festival with races and other activites in the surronding areas.  The big event is on Sunday June 19th when the first ever LEADVILLE QUALIFIER BICYCLE RACE will happen in the area.  This is a qualifying race for the challenging Leadville 100 series in Colorado.  While you are down at Whiteface mountain stop in and talke to “Downhill Mike” where you can rent your own mountain bike and travel the trails of Whiteface Mountain.

Almost, done on this tan of mine, so better wrap this up.  Couple of great events in the area the next few weekends.  DO NOT FORGET the annual Figure skating competitions and the start of the Lake Placid Horseshow at the end of the month.  Bring your entire family to the Lake Placid and beat the heat with these events and relax the day away at our great private beach on the resort.  You will be glad you did!!  *touchs arm* OUCH!!  Uh oh, little too long in the sun.  Everyone have a great June and enjoy the summer!!

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