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So, many projects and so so so little time, MR. FIX-IT is starting to get callouses on top of his callouses. They got me so busy around this ever changing resort that I do not know where to start and finish. Of course, I love all this exciting work because this guy gets to show off his great talent and expertise. Hopefully, I will finally get that recognition I pat myself on the back for everyday (lol). Anyway, enough about ME ME ME!

The exterior of the expansion project is pretty much finished and the roof is finally taking shape. I was just swinging from the rafters earlier (shhh! do not tell anyone I told you that). Here are a few snapshots of the progress that we have made since the last pictures I shared with all of you:

Click on pic for larger shot:

As, you can see me and the crew have been working long and strenuous hours to get the exterior finished. I also, wanted to let you all know that since the beginning of September and part of October, we are renovating the indoor pool area. We are going to be putting some new tile work throughout the whole pool and deck areas. Going to be a refreshing addition to the new jacuzzi that was installed. (I can not wait to be able to finally soak my tired and bruised feet.)

Here are a few pics of the project in the indoor pool area:


As, you can see we have a lot more work to do on the indoor pool area but figured you might be interested in this project as well. I will bring you exciting new pictures of the pool area when this is finished. WELL WELL WELL its time for MR. FIX-IT to get back to work or these projects will never get finished. Oh, and I almost forgot (CINDY THE E.F.Q) would have zapped me if I would have not mentioned this. Our GREEN ROOF will be installed very soon and will help provide this resort with a more Eco-Friendly outlook (more details at a later time). Bye all!

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