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Heat! Heat! Heat!

Are the temperatures and humidty causing you to melt to a puddle on the floor?  In the city and looking for that cooling escape?  We know you have been experiencing humidity over 100 degrees.  Do not sit there sweating any more, head over to Lake Placid and enjoy the Adirondacks and the cooler temperatures that we have to offer.  The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort has great air conditioned guest rooms and a relaxing WHITE SANDED PRIVATE BEACH right on the property. (ahhh…the sand fills good in your toes, quite the exfoliant)  Hop into one of our kayaks, rowboats, canoes or paddleboats and whisk around on the calm waters of Mirror Lake.  Please always make sure to wear your life jackets.  Now, let me turn you over to RICHARD OUR TOURGUIDE to give you a few ideas on how to beat the heat the rest of the summer.

Hey everyone!!  Just got back from a great hike on Mount Jo and boy am I feeling good.  Muscles are all stretched out and ready to do some more hiking.  The air temperature is great out on these hiking trails and will rejuvinate any person that has been trying to beat the heat.  Try your hand at the Mount Marcy mountain range and Mount Jo or head over to the Cascade Lake Region and try out one of the great trails in that region.  There are many short and longer hikes for any type of hiker and family.  Stop by the desk of the Golden Arrow and receive a listing of these trails or head over to HIGH PEAKS CYCLERY and hire your own guide or grab a hiking map.  Its a great way to leave the troubles of every day life behind and to enjoy the wilderness of the Adirondacks.

Hiking not your cup of tea or even java..hehe.  Then, how about swinging the ole golf club at one of the three challenging golf courses here in the area.  Our very own MS. DEAL MAKER has a great SUMMER MIDWEEK GOLF PACKAGE that will get you hitting a hole in one in your wallet.  For $129 per person per night (based on double occupancy) enjoy a round of golf for each person at either Craigwood or Whiteface Inn Golf Clubs.  You can for an extra fee of $25 per person head over to Saranac Lake and the Saranac Inn Golf course and enjoy a relaxing time on the greens.  My favorite way to cool off after a busy day is to do a round of golf then hit the club house and enjoy that 19th hole and the beverages that come with it…hehe.   This is a great package that you will not want to miss out on.  Look out for the great Fall golf packages that we offer as well.

As you can see, so many ways to get out of the sweltering heat and cool down for a day or more.  Great time to take a vacation with the family before school begins.  Do not forget Main Street of Lake Placid is full of quaint shops and restaurants to make anyones travels merry!!  Are you still sitting there reading this Blog!!!  WHAT!!  Get off that computer and throw some bags in the car and enjoy a break in the humidity at the Golden Arrow and Lake Placid!  I have a brewed Ale waiting for you at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery that you will not want to miss.  See you there!!

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