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Biking and Relaxation in the Adirondacks

Even though the summer season may be winding down soon! That is no excuse to pack up that Mounain Bike just yet. (You did already? What!! Get that back out!)  Rich here, pedaling my mountain bike down one of the terrains in the near by area and yes I am writing at the same time!  (I, must say I am quite talented..hehe)   As you know we have some of the best terrain in the Adirondacks for both on road and off-road mountain biking. Just 9 miles down the road we have our very own Whiteface Mountain where you can enjoy all of this. (No, it is not just for skiing) Whiteface Mountain Bike Park offers riding for all abilities and styles of riding, from hard core to gentle cruisers, great cross country trails and everything in between. There are a total of 27 very different trails to chose from and the most vertical in the East with a whopping 2,476 feet. To tie into all this biking extravaganza, our very own MS. DEAL-MAKER the queen of deals, would like to remind you of a great mountain bike package that is still available until almost the end of August. You will definetly get the exercise.

For a few more weeks until August 25th, 2011, we have our Mountain Biking Package available for biking at Whiteface Mountain.  This package is available Sunday through Thursday evening.  For $129 per person (double occupancy) or $199 (single occupancy) we will throw in lodging in one of our comfortable Deluxe Guest rooms, Breakfast in the morning to kick start off your day at GENERATIONS Restaurant and then enjoy a great day at Whiteface on the mountain biking trails.  Downhill Mike will be there to greet you at the entrance and take great care of you in showing which trails will be perfect for your level of biking experience.  (he is a gem and a great guy all will love him)  This package does not include bike rentals or equipment.  So, if you have your own please bring that bike with you or they can supply you with the perfect mountain bike to satisfy your needs.  Enjoy the day off the skis and enjoy the terrain of the Adirondacks on Whiteface Mountain.

Bring the family and friends over to Lake Placid for the next couple of weeks and enjoy a relaxing day Mountain Biking in the Adirondacks.  Then, enjoy a relaxing evening at the Golden Arrow and our wonderful private white sanded beach.  Uh oh!! Here comes a tree!! Gotta go everyone! Have a great day and hope to see you very soon on the trails.

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