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Can you feel Autumn in the Air?

It is getting that time of the year.  The Autumn season is slowly being bestowed upon us and the feel of cooler temperatures in the evening are adimant.  Another sign of fall is the children have gone back to school (now not too many cheers parents!! hehe).  Of course the vibrant colors of fall are  very slowly changing in the Adirondacks and Lake Placid.  Do not worry is still a little early to see all the great colors but it will be here before you know it.  Just look at this photo of the foliage from last year! It is amazing!!!!


RICH YOUR TOURGUIDE is back  from running all over this great Lake Placid area.  Boy!  You never realise actually how big Lake Placid and the surronding areas are until you head out on your bike or just on your own two feet that god gave you.  Had a great week and sorry have not been on for a bit.  I am back and wanted to give all of you great tourists some info about some outstanding view points for the upcoming Fall Foliage that is approaching. Yes, believe it or not there are some colors changing already (little early but still going to be peak towards the end of Sept. Please do not hold me to that…I am fragile…lol).


Anyway, a great place to visit to get a great vantage point on a nice clear day is none other than the WHITEFACE VETERANS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY. This eight mile climb highway ascends to the fifth highest mountain in the Adirondacks. A great stone castle at the summit gives you spectacular views across the Adirondack Region and perfect for all of you “Leaf Peepers”. There is a fee for this highway and the hours of operation are limited daily from 9am-4pm. So, make sure to plan your day to visit this breath-taking view.

Heights not your friend or maybe your foe…hehe. Then there is the ADIRONDACK SCENIC RAILWAY which runs from Lake Placid to Saranac Lake and back. This ride takes you through the wooded section of the Adirondacks and during the peak foliage gives great views of the colors. This is a 20 mile train ride that you will definetely enjoy. Who knows there might even be some entertainment while you are on board? Take the time while you are in Saranac Lake to walk through there quaint village.

There are many other places to visit for the foliage, including out your very own guest room at the Golden Arrow!  But if I give them all away, then that would leave no adventure for you to explore the Lake Placid area (just kidding).  Stop by the Golden Arrow and ask any of the informative and friendly staff, tell them Richard your Tour Guide sent yah!
 Do not forget two major events in October: OKTOBERFEST and FLAMING LEAVES FESTIVAL.  I will be back in a bit to give you more information about these exciting events in the near future.  Time to catch up on some much needed work. Have a great Autumn season and please do not hurt your eyes from staring at the wonderful colors in the next few weeks!!

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