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Giving Thanks this Week!!

In case, everyone is not aware yet, THANKSGIVING is just around the horizon.  That means spending quality time with the family and lets not forget Black Friday where the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping is maddening in the stores (yes I am finishing work grabbing my mom and headed to the stores that late at rest for during the holidays).  RICH YOUR NEWCASTER would like you to hop in your car and head to Lake Placid this Thankgiving weekend as there is always great shopping at all the boutiques, especially the store fronts just off the hotel in the ALPINE MALL!!  We are missing our friends Stars on Ice this Thanksgiving weekend but keep your eyes peeled as they are coming during the Christmas Season.  No frets as we have some great CAN/AM YOUTH HOCKEY taking place this Friday and Saturday at the Olympic Center.

Youth and their parents will be ascending on Lake Placid with their various teams to compete in these great hockey tournaments.  Everyone’s bellies will be full from the great feast at Thanksgiving and ready to burn that energy up on the ice.  These tourneys have been going on for decades and they give everyone who has never been to Lake Placid a chance to experience the fun and excitement of playing in an actual Olympic Complex.  Also, the children get to meet some of their hockey heros from time to time and see the site of where the MIRACLE ON ICE took place in 1980.  Zachary and Little Fiona definetely recommends these tournaments thez iz the best! Yes, little ones, they are very entertaining and full of cheers and goals.

OH! Before I forget please stop by to our very own GENERATIONS restaurant where Madame Cuisine and Chef Dave Hunt  is whipping up a great culinary Thanksgiving feast for this all auspitious day. (Boy, I cannot wait to indulge in all the great eats.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the mouthwatering lamb.  Will have to loosen up the belt a little…heh).  As, you can see great eats and a fabulous show to see this coming Thanksgiving.  Get on that phone or hop in that car and drive to the Adirondacks to Lake Placid!!  Hope to see everyone in LP this upcoming holiday and see you at the hockey rink!

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