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Hip! Hip! Hooray! 2012 is Finally Here!!

Wow!!  A new year is upon us and I hope everyone did not celebrate too much!! It was a very great year with all kinds of exciting events around the world and in our very own backyard in Lake Placid.  RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER hopes that everyone had a great time at the resort in 2011 and rang the New Year in safely (I for once was a good boy and stayed home with family..yes always a first..hehe).

On behalf of the Golden Arrow, I want to take this time to thank all of the patrons who have frequented our doors of the resort this year. We enjoyed each and everyone of our guests and look forward to another great year. You have helped us with many “Green” ideas for our Eco-Friendly Resort and have taken them all into consideration.  Our very own CINDY THE E.F.Q. has been busy organizing and implementing these ideas.  The most exciting green event of the year was that we installed our solar paneling on one of our roofs of the resort which helps with heating aspects of our water in the resort.  It is a great new addition that we are happy to do our part in helping protect this wonderful earth of ours.  We also had a great vendor this year set up this past Spring in the parking lot of the Golden Arrow showing individuals the making of Maple Sugar and Syrup.  It was a nice touch and boy was the syrup and food items delicious!!  Our very own GENERATIONS RESTAURANT implemented a great menu that showcased some of this syrup and according to the feedback all the patrons LOOOVVVED it.  These were a few of the many highlights this past year.

Now that 2010 has begun, please check out all the great NEW PACKAGES that MS. DEAL-MAKER has been busily working on. Just from looking at these deals they are definetely not to be missed. (If you see her floating around the resort please give her a good ole Howdy!)

If you have any stories that you would like to share about your stay in 2010, please drop a line on our GUESTBOOK. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for more to come and hope that all of you have a great and wonderful 2011!!!!!

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