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Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend


AHHH!!! The smell of the autumn leaves in the air and the crisp cooler nights. RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER back at you with another exciting venue for this upcoming Holiday Weekend. The leaves have peaked and the colors are bright and beautiful (Personally, I have raked some of them into a pile and been letting myself and my dog jump in them, so fun!). Fall is definetly in the air and the final exciting event for the season is approaching.


I, of course, am talking about the annual FLAMING LEAVES FESTIVAL held at the OLYMPIC SKI JUMPING COMPLEX. This festival is for all ages, there will be a 90meter ski jumping competition, pony rides, face painting, vendors, live entertainment, a silent auction and much more. I cannot wait to watch the daredevil ski jumpers take flight in the air and land on simulated wet mats that act as the packed snow. This guy would never in his life fly off that jump, I would more than likely with my luck land on my head (lol). But, it is such enjoyment to watch these soaring eagles take flight.


Do not forget the live entertainment which is going to feature 6 different bands performing on Saturday and Sunday. (OHHHH!!! LA! LA!) MADAME CUISINE here says Rich you better not forget about all the delectable BARBECUE FOOD that is going to be cooking on the grills! This ole girl is going to enjoy every minute of that. “Thanks Madame Cuisine for that timely reminder and hope everything is going well at Charlies!”
“It sure is the staff and I are always cooking up something hot in the kitchen!” (yummy).

Well, anyway still plenty to do in the area this coming weekend, so please all of you head down to Lake Placid and stop in to the Golden Arrow and the Ski Jumping Complex for fun and excitement. For further information on times and dates on this great event please visit

Rich your Sportscaster is out of here and cannot wait for this long weekend (especially because its 3 days off instead of 2). Hope to see all of you at the Flaming Leaves Festival!!!!

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