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Ice Castles, Frying Pans & a Festive Parade


Hey everyone, RICH YOUR LOCAL NEWSCASTER coming to you from Saranac Lake where the 115th Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is about to begin.  This is a festival of many sporting events, great food, live entertainment and a great parade and fireworks display.  This is taking place from now Feb. 3rd until Sunday Feb.12th, 2008.  It is time to enjoy and celebrate this great Adirondack area and the winter season at the longest running event of its kind in the Eastern US.  This year Aliens! (YES ALIENS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE) have invaded Saranac lake and is the theme that this year’s Winter Carnival is set around. Spaceships, weird creatures and aliens of all sorts will be walking and entertaining for this year’s festivities.  One of the events which is a must see is the event called the Fry Pan toss, where you see the ladies throwing their cast iron pans. (OUCH! hope one does not hit me in the head from a miss-aim or who knows you may see an alien beaming down to toss a fry that is exciting).

One of the great highlights of this carnival which can be seen by driving down RT 86 in Saranac Lake is the Lighted Ice Palace. This is constructed out of the lake ice and has a maze for the children and is quite the spectacular lighted sight.  I also spotted an Alien Ice Sculpture as I was driving by so the Aliens have landed in Saranac Lake (makes me all warm inside or cold if you are standing near the Ice Castle BRRRR!!).  Please do not miss the spectacular fireworks show on Saturday February 4th when the Castle is lit and the following week Saturday Feb. 11th there is the great parade for adults and children alike that you will certainly not want to miss.  So, many events packed into one week that you will not want to miss.

Get on that phone today and reserve your room as you will not want to miss the great week of fun and excitement.  Okay, I see a place to have a hot toddy to warm up my frozen feet. All of you have a great time at the carnival and hope to see you around.  BYE!

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