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Earth Day 2012

April is creeping up on us very soon!  Flowers are starting to bloom and the smell of freshly cut grass will be a great reminder of Spring.  Snow is gone!!  Joggers, Bicyclists and runners a like are painting the streets and mountains of Lake Placid.  OH! Did I forget to mention EARTH DAY will be upon us in April!!  CINDY YOUR GOLDEN ARROW EFQ (Environmental Friendly Queen) is finally back from my much needed hibernation.  The winter was mild but I am all rested and ready to spread my Eco-friendliness all over this great area of Lake Placid.  Ah! My mind is budding with exciting new ideas!! 

Do you know what Earth Day is all about???   WHAT!??  Well, it is the one time of the year that we can reflect back on our very own mother earth and help preserve its precious land in all its beauty.  Time to clean up that waste from the roads, recycle all that you can and plant a few seeds or a tree to give back to this land we live on.  Do not be afraid to lend a hand to a neighbor or relative to help cultivate this great land.  Keeping in tradition with Earth Day, myself and the Golden Arrow, have a day full of activities planned for this glorious occassion.  EARTH DAY IS APRIL 22nd!!  On the parking lot grounds of the resort we are planning a great day of vendors, farmers market and other exciting activites for the entire family.  Local vendors from the area will be displaying their talents with many craft tables and edibles through out the day.  We are hoping on striking up some music players or singers to entertain in the afternoon.  There will be Kids Crafts taking place on the deck of Generations Restaurant and a BBQ from our very own CHEF DAVE!!  He may even do a demonstration of some great maple syrup.  We welcome everyone to join us for this great day and why not stay the night and enjoy all the activites the resort has to offer.  If you would like to display your own crafts do not hesitate to give my girl Jill a call at the Golden Arrow. 

AH!!  April is the month of Mother Earth.  I hope to see everyone on April 22nd to partake in this great day that we celebrate once a year for our gal Mother Nature.  It is going to be a day of fun and learning about the environment. I am off kiddies to spread some more green aspects through out the resort.  Hope to see you at the Golden Arrow and please do not hesitate to ask about our GREEN TOURS they are so exciting!!  Kisses to all!

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