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Spring Delight at Generations

OHH!!! LA!!! LA!!! It has been quite some time since they let me out of the kitchen but this chefalicious gal, MADAME CUISINE, is back in rare form and whipping up some delectable delights at GENERATIONS.  Spring is here or at least in spirit (oh la la) and I have been whipping up some mouth watering dishes and scrumptious Spring Specials.  (MMMM!!! This is making my taste buds tingle. OHH! La La!)  My favorite guy Chef Dave Hunt (he is a delight in himself…so pinchable) and I have been racking our culinary minds and have come up with different specials for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I guarantee you will be back for seconds when you dig your fork into these dishes and the morsels just melt in your mouth.   If you happen to be walking down Main Street in Lake Placid, you can check out these daily specials hanging just outside of our front door!!

 Oh my, I almost forgot to mention, (silly silly me..i get so excited and forget things all the time) we are still having our spectacular DINNER & A MOVIE special from Sunday through Wednesdays through out the month of May.  For a low price of $25 enjoy one of our featured entrees with a soup or salad or one of our daily specials followed by dessert.  You can enjoy our very own Coleman Farm Chicken Picatta, Edgley Farm Bison & Dacy Meadow Farm Pork or Adirondack Style Trout Fillet.  All of these meats and fish are raised or caught locally in the surronding area.  Then, after your belly is full with delight, you can skip over to the Palace Movie Theater and enjoy one of four different movies.  Share this with a friend, family or that special someone that makes your heart all fuzzy on the inside. (I have that special someone in the kitchen who does that to me..Oh! La! La!..its actually chocolate cake but SHH!! dont tell anyone) 

So, what are you waiting for?  I am expecting all of you to pop in with an empty belly sometime this upcoming month of May. “Sob sob” if you do not show.  But, yummy yummy will you miss out on all the delectables to tantalize your gullet and tickle those taste buds.  Back to stirring the pot and raising the dough…Ta Ta… for now!!!  OHH LA LA!!

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