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Improvements Are a Happening!!

Hello!!  All my fine friends and guests out there in the world.  They finally have given me a break from my busy schedule to chat a few lines up with all of you about the Golden Arrow.  Improvments have been in full swing for the past few months and my poor ole fingers have been worked to the bone (well not literally, that would be just wrong..haha)  Who am I??  What you have forgotten me already??  MR FIX-IT is the name and Golden Arrow improvements and construction is my game.  Sorry, just full of puns and limericks today.  As, I digress, we have been working hard on a few projects in the resort that I would like to touch basis on.  A few updates on a few aspects of the resort.

First of all we have been working on the past few months installing brand new doors on all the guest rooms through out the resort.  These doors have been brightening up the hallways of the resort and given the resort that calming Adirondack feel.  If you have not been here within the past year, these doors compliment the brand new electronic key readers that have been installed on these doors.  Just one of the finer details that I feel spruce up a resort. 

Headed now to the balcony area of the 2nd floor middle wing.  Whoops! Almost slipped off the balcony because the rail is gone where we are busy working on putting intricate stonework on the balcony floor and wall.  We are also, installing some new sturdy rails on these balconies to make our guests feel nice and secure while you are enjoying those nice evenings looking out over Mirror Lake. (ah, reminds me that I need to take Ms. Deal Maker for a nice candle light sitting on one of these balconies before I get in trouble)

Okay!  So, for the last project of my tour of the grounds.  We have been working on the carport area of the resort.  We have torn up the old stonework that was there when you pull underneath the carport.  This is to make way for our new stonework that is in the process of being laid down at this point.  We have included our GOLDEN ARROW LOGO and name into this stone work.  It looks so great and I am so excited for the finished product.  I have been putting a new roof on the carport.  This is coming out very well!!

As you can see, the man of many talents (yes tooting my own horn) has been very busy this past month.  Not going to show you the pictures of the finished products quite yet.  Please take that much needed trip and see these improvements at the Golden Arrow first hand.  They are quite uplifting to the resort and you will not want to miss it.  While you are here enjoy a relaxing night and great meal at our Generations Restaurant.  Ah! I see the boys slacking off a little.  Time to get back to the ole grindstone.  Everyone have a great day and I especially look forward to seeing you all as we finish up these improvements for the Summer Season!!!

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