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Wilmington Whiteface Bike Fest

Hear I am once again pedaling my bicycle down Route 86 toward Whiteface Mountain, I am thinking to myself (self how is this ride today), wouldn’t it be cool to race someone to the top of the mountain.  Of course, my mind is saying, ARE YOU CRAZY!!  Do you realise how steep of a climb it is going up that road to the top of Whiteface?  That will take you days!  So, I tone my inner voice out and say hey if all those athletes can race up WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN then so can I.  As, I am taking in the great views and huffing my bicycle up the incline of the Veteran’s Memorial Highway, my cell phone starts vibrating.  Finishing the climb to the top of Whiteface, I check my text message and it is none other than the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.  The staff is saying, HEY RICH, do not forget all this weekend the WILMINGTON WHITEFACE BIKE FEST is taking place again down in Wilmington. Watch out for all those bikers!!  Shouting out!  What are they talking about?!   Then it dawns on me they are talking about the Uphill Bike Races at Whiteface Mountain!!!  Text back, okay guys tell me about this great event again!!

Bike Fest Logo

So, that staff would like to mention about the WHITEFACE LEADVILLE 100 QUALIFIER that will be taking place this Sunday June 17th, 2012 in Wilmington and at Whiteface Mountain.  This race is part of the LEADVILLE QUALIFYING SERIES where the finals will be held in Colorado and Wilmington is very excited to be hosting this event with our other annual Bike Fest on this upcoming weekend of June 14th through the 17th.  These races are designed both to provide qualifying opportunities for riders to get into this year’s Leadville Trail 100 and also provide an excellent opportunity to race and ride in some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in the Adirondacks. This 100 kilometer race will provide entry to 100 athletes into this year’s Leadville Trail 100.  There will be all kinds of activities taking place in Wilmington this weekend to coincide with the bike races.  They will be offering instructional rides, live entertainment,  BEACH PARTY, fun free family events and the popular best calves of the Wilmington contest!!  ( your eye are not playing tricks…they will be judging those muscular calves from all that bike racing…I dont stand a chance…oh my!!)

Mountainbiking WhitefaceMountain

 I will have to thank the staff of the Golden Arrow for this great information on this great time this weekend.  Phew! Time to start heading back down the mountain and home to Lake Placid.  Have a great day to you all and who knows you may just see this man in the Uphill Bike Race. This ride was challenging but fun. (oh getting dizzy looking to the bottom of the mountain)  Safe travels!!!

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