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Ironman is Swimming back to Placid!!

Yes, we are in the middle of July!  Humidity has been in the air, dry weather and bicyclists, swimmers and runners are all abound!!  This can only mean one thing!!  The 14th Annual Ironman is headed back to Lake Placid, NY.  RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER is live at the Olympic Speedskating Oval where in just a few days this area will been transformed for this long and exciting race.  Ironman and women are converging slowly into Lake Placid for this heart pounding and grueling event.  Transition tents and vendors from all over the US are starting to ascend in the area and gearing up for an exciting and fantastic race Sunday.  They sell all kinds of great souvenirs and items for an amazing event!!  All of us in this area are gladly looking forward to have all of the athletes and their families back in Lake Placid for this event.

For those of you who do not know what the Ironman is all about. Well, let me tell you it is a race that you will soon not forget (especially for all the brave souls who partake in it). You start off in Mirror Lake at 7am for the sound of the gun. Then like a flock of geese the lake is submerged with swimmers who will swim 2.5 miles. Then out of the water and time to hit the bicycle for the 112 mile bike ride through the Adirondack Mountains. If this was not enough after the bike portion, it is off for run of 26 miles, yes a full marathon. (WHEW! I am tired just speaking of it..hehe). The best part of this race is standing at the finish line and seeing the expressions of all these souls faces after this long and grueling course. During this whole race there are plenty of supporters and spectators willing these athletes to a most satisfying finish!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday July 22nd, 2012 and make your way to LP to support this great event and the participants. Hop in that car now so you will be hear for this Sunday. (Where are you? Not in your car yet!!  Its less than a week away and why miss out on this scenic area)  Plus you would get to see little ole me at the Golden Arrow…*smiles*  It is great feeling that you will not want to miss.  Oh my!  I almost forgot to mention that our very own Madame Cuisine on race day will be in the kitchen with her lovie Chef Dave whipping up some culinary delights for all the spectators, families and Athletes from 6am till midnight!!!  Please stop in GENERATIONS restaurant and enjoy a delectable morsel or two.  Hey, feel free to volunteer while you around, the Lake Placid village could use all the support from everyone! For further info about the Ironman please stop into the resort and remember this is the qualifier for the Hawaii Ironman. Good Luck to all the tri-athletes and I will be out there with the cow bell a ringing!!! Get your rest as you will need it!!!

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