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September Farm Tour Weekend

OHH! LA! LA!!  I am back all my sweeties!!  Your hostess with the mostess *giggles* MADAME CUISINE is back and excited about an upcoming event that is sweeping the Golden Arrow and Generations Restaurant.  I am trembling from head to toe for this great cuisine and event that is about to happen in a few weeks.  This will be the 2nd time for thie event and I am so excited!  I am speaking about our very own FAMILY FARM TOUR WEEKEND!!!  (No, you do not have to go milk the cows or feed the chickens..or you can if you like.)  This wonderful and tantalizing event is taking place on the Weekend of September 7th through September 9th.  

The Farm to Fork Movement is sweeping the nation, consumers these days are more often turning away from industrial agriculture and turning towards local farms and suppliers.  The health benefits aren’t the only reason we love this movement.  Eating locally is also important for the future of your local economy and environment! 

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Generations Restaurant and Chef David Hunt in particular, have been a leader in the F2F movement here in the Adirondacks.  Chef Hunt bases his menu seasonally on what he can dig up (no pun intended) from the farms in our area.  From local bison (buffalo) to local cheeses and vegetables, you’re sure to find a taste of the Adirondacks at every meal.


Your Farm Tour Weekend will include a Welcome reception on Friday evening at Snowslip Farm featuring hors d’oeurves and beverages, personal Equestrian Coaching demonstration with Kathryn Kincannon-Irwin and a meet and greet with the farmers.  Saturday morning our group will meet in Generations Restaurant for a brief discussion before departing to the following farms for tours and an opportunity to purchase food, or a CSA .  A box lunch will be provided for participants.  You will then with a group of people tour through a few local farms in the area which are ATLAS HOOFED IT BEEP & PORK FARM & EDGELY BISON FARM.  You will finish your tour at TUCKER FARMS with a local BBQ featuring fresh food from the farms visited and a trip through Tucker’s Famous “Corn Maze“!!!  (bring the children here as they will love it)  As you can see, what a great fun weekend is in store for you and your entire family.  Anyway, we hope to see you all in a few weeks at the Farms and at Generations restaurant where our very own Madame Cuisine and Chef Dave Hunt will be whipping up some culinary delights!!

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