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Foliage! Music & Food!! Oktoberfest!!

Tis that time of the year when the foliage is starting to look spectacular and the colors are bold and picturesque so is the time for music, great food and plenty of ale!!  It has got to be 21ST ANNUAL OKTOBERFEST at WHITEFACE MOUNTAINRICH YOUR NEWSCASTER filling you in that now is the perfect time to visit the Adirondacks in Lake Placid and head on over to the Mountain for this upcoming entertaining event.
The Alpen Trio


This annual event will be featuring authentic Bavarian music, dancing, food and beer, as well as amusement rides and activities for both kids and adults, including some amazing craft vendors! (Got to love that Balvarian lager and the most scrumptious German food…yum yum for the tum tum…hehe).  Do not miss out on two of Germany’s supreme musical acts called DSB and SPITZEand many other wonderful acts bringing their flare and talent to the area for this festive event.  So, when is this all happening you ask, well it will be this coming weekend Saturday September 29th from 10pm-6pm & Sunday Schachtelgebirger MusikantenSeptember 30th from 10pm-5pm. While you are there I suggest you take the Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride to the top of Little Whiteface because the view is spectacular and the foliage with all the dry weather this summer is starting to look absolutely beautiful.  Stay at the Golden Arrow and hop on to the complimentary transportation to Oktoberfest.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! Do not let the cooler temperatures stop you!   Head on over to Lake Placid this weekend and get in on all the excitement. You will not want to miss it. (Do not drink to much lager…oh well why Okay, I am off to grab my accordian and tune up for the upcoming festivities (maybe the leiterhosen too…haha). Bye for now and look forward to seeing you all there!

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