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Ringing in the New Year with Renovations and Resolutions

Extreme Makeover: Resort Edition is in full force at the Golden Arrow! January is already speeding by and as many of you are trying to uphold your New Years resolutions, we at the Golden Arrow are trying to do the same. 2013 will be a year full of revamping for us; we always put customer satisfaction at the front of everything we try to achieve, and  during 2013 we will take it to the next level. Our New Years Resolution is to give the people what they want!

Peter and his team are constantly updating and making the resort better, and this year we have a few special projects. Peter’s daughter Andrea has joined the GALR team as head of beautification. She is helping make sure that everything is updated and beautiful. We are getting a lot of new furniture and other items to enhance the beauty of the resort. Andrea’s husband, Brandon, is also helping us update the resort. He is our new technical guru and helping us to update things behind the scenes so that our team can be more productive and therefore useful to our guests.

Here are some of the projects we started in the Fall of 2012 and are continuing throughout 2013:

Beach Expansion: We often get comment cards here at the GALR about how our guests wished our beach was bigger.

Well we listened and we stated to break ground on the expanded beach this Fall and will complete it in the spring.

New Mattresses: We bought over 50 new mattresses for our guest rooms this fall, sleep well at the GALR knowing you are on a new mattress.

We made two sets a beautiful stone stairs leading  down to the beach.

We’re also updating all of the bedding in the Deluxe Lake Front and Deluxe Village side Rooms. We’re also adding more pillows to the beds (not pictured)

That pictures shown above are just SOME of the renovations and updates happening at the GALR. We also just got new Keurig Coffee Makers for each room. The Suites and Specialty Rooms are getting larger flat screen TVs and the old ones will move to the Deluxe Rooms. We are also working on getting faster wireless internet as well as a nicer business center for guests to use, among much more. With the help of Andrea, her husband Brandon, and the whole staff of the Golden Arrow we will have a wonderful year.  We are most looking forward to seeing you, our guest, enjoying all of the hard work!

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