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Mirror Lake Madness

Mirror Lake was rich with activity these past two wintry weekends. The ice is positively frozen and you know what that means, Dogsled rides are back in full force. AJ Arnold is out on Mirror Lake every Thursday through Sunday with his troop of husky’s ready to take you on a ride! He learned the craft of dog sledding from his father and is now carrying on the tradition. When you’re driving by the Golden Arrow be sure to look for his Green Dog Sled ride sign out front near out sign, sometimes he even gives rides on weekdays, so look for that sign! Here is a cool video about AJ and his team of dogs…those dogs are amazing!






Warm up under blankets and go for the ride of your life!






Over the past couple weeks there have been teams out on the ice preparing it for hockey tournaments and skating.

The first Pond Hockey Tournament that the Golden Arrow and Mirror Lake hosted was the Northwood Alumni Tournament. There was a very big turn out, and a great way to kick off the pond hockey season!

Last weekend was the CAN/AM Pond Hockey Tournament, and it was even bigger! Hockey Players are tough because temperatures were in the high negatives this past weekend.

What an amazing backdrop to play hockey against!

Mirror Lake will continue to be a filled with people throughout the winter. The Toboggan shoot will be open soon, visit this website for updates on it’s status. Also you can always bring your skates and skate on Mirror Lake at your own leisure. If you don’t have your own skates you can rent them at the Lake Placid Skate Shop. There website is here, and their phone number is 518-302-5028.

If you love lounging around Mirror Lake in the summertime, you should really try it out in the wintertime!

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