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Farm to Chef: Making Connections

This Morning Chef Dave Hunt and Adirondack Harvest teamed up and organized a meeting between local farmers and our area chefs. Generations Restaurant was filled with an eclectic group of  farmers and chefs looking to build connections with each other. Chef Hunt is a leader in the farm to fork movement in the Adirondacks. He purchases as much as he can from local vendors and farmers. The Adirondacks hasn’t historically been known for it’s farming, as the harsh weather, short growing season, and rough terrain, can make it difficult for a farm to remain profitable. There are still many farms in the area, though, and at Generations we are proud to support them.

Generations put out a delicious Breakfast Spread, made mostly of locally produced food

There is increasing interest in buying locally here in the Adirondacks and Chef Hunt and Generations Restaurant are trying to make these number increase even more by getting more restaurants involved in purchasing locally produced goods. At today’s meeting Chef Hunt shared his business plan that has worked for him the last couple years. He has increased the amount of locally produced food he purchases year to year and it is helping expand his business, people are willing to pay more for the freshest, best quality meat and produce.

Great turn out at the Farm to Chef Meeting this Morning at Generations

Representatives from over 20 different restaurants, farms, and local food vendors attended the meeting. There was a lot of interesting information shared and many connections made between chefs and farmers. Chef Dave and Generations are very committed to serving the freshest, best quality food to their guests and they are encouraging other local restaurants to do the same.  Chef Dave said there is a huge difference, for example, in the taste of lettuce that was just harvested the day before it is delivered to him and lettuce that was delivered in a bag from a mass distributor.

At this point it is impossible to purchase everything you need to run a restaurant locally in the Adirondacks, but meetings like this are a huge step in helping to grow local agriculture. Chefs are sharing with farmers what they want or need, therefore helping the  local economy and cutting down waste. Generations is proud to serve locally produced products and will continue to add and grow their menu using these items.


Chef Hunt brought out his Tibetan Salt Block to serve and prepare a sampling of Edgley Farm Bison!



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