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Ski Season Rapidly Approaching



Hey, all you snow bunnies and hot doggers out there! Even though the fall season is still upon us; the weather is a changing and it is time to think about the upcoming Ski Season in Lake Placid. THAT IS RIGHT! The golf season is over and now it is almost time to strap on those skis and head for the slopes.

MS. DEAL MAKER live from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and have I got some exciting new packages for the upcoming 2007/2008 Ski Season at Whiteface Mountain. You know how I love to make the best of a buck and give you the best deal there is to offer. So, I am sure all of you skiiers will definately apprieciate what I have come up with (at least I hope you do! SOB!).

I am still promoting the In-Season Ski and Stay Package where if you stay midweek 3 nights you get the 4th night free. (IS THIS WOMAN INSANE)! No, not insane just glad to see all of your smiling faces at the resort. It is $95.00 per person per night for a deluxe room with two double beds. Of course, this package includes 4 days of skiing at WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN, 4 mornings of breakfast at CHARLIE’S RESTAURANT(where I am sure MADAME CUISINE will be cooking up somthing delectable OH LA LA).


If that was not enough and for this girl it is never enough; I have my pre and late season packages which are midweek at $79 per person which includes Deluxe Lodging with two double beds, day ski pass to Whiteface and a breakfast at Charlie’s. Boy, with all these great deals, you cannot turn down a chance to stay at our wonderful resort. For further information about these great packages that I am offering please visit our website and click on packages. You will get these great ski packages plus some others that I have not mentioned for this ski season.

So, this ole snow bunny is going to in a few months throw on her flashy outfit and skis and hit those great slopes at Whiteface Mountain. Hopefully, I do not do like I did last time and end up skiing right off into the wooded area. (OUCH!) Those limbs and branches can really smart. Maybe, MR. FIX-IT will have time to pull himself away from all of his projects to join me for a cocktail in the Cloudsplitter Lounge. (ahh a girl can dream lol)

Please visit for updates on snow conditions and trail info; plus packaging linked to this hotel and the exciting upcoming events at Whiteface Mountain. Well, back to the deal making, this girls job is never finished and why should it be. Hope to see all of you this Winter season at the Golden Arrow and enjoy these great deals.

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