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Welcome everyone to the vast expanding Golden Arrow eco-friendly resort. This is CINDY THE E.F.Q. sprinkling her magic on all aspects of the resort. Popping up great efficient ways to help protect the environment and smell the fresh invigorating air. (Of course, I always make time for yours truly the queen of this resort). But, have to make sure all our guests have a refreshing experience.

Well, the newest project that we are sprucing up on (no pun intended lol). Is the Green Roof Project that is coming very soon by spring of next year. Now I know that we were supposed to be done this project in the fall but we wanted to make sure that the vegetation for this roof was just right. We are letting it grow more in a warmer climate through the winter season so that it can take shape and be perfect for when we put it on in the spring. Now for all of you who do not know what this provides. It is an energy efficient idea that during the summer holds the coolness in and during the winter is a great insulator to keep the heat in. Making sure that you use less electricity to conserve energy. For futher updates on this project and anyother new exciting projects that we are working on to make our resort Eco-Friendly please visit


One last thing, better not forget this or the gods that be will strike me down. One of our great people in the resort has been working on some nice Recycled Slate picture frames that will be hanging through out the resort. These will state the different efforts that myself and everyone here are doing to have the environment. SO, CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

Also, please visit and to see what great ideas that these two sites have to offer in protecting the environment. Well, this Queen has got to spread her magic, so all of you out there have a refreshing and pollution-free day. BYE!

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