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Hockey Pucks and Cold Ice



Hey, everyone RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER coming to you from Lake Placid at the Olympic Sporting Arena. It is that time of the year again and children and adults alike ascend into Lake Placid on the weekends for the CANADIAN HOCKEY ENTERPRISE and CAN-AM HOCKEY TOURNAMENTS. For the next few months the area will be bustling with children playing in their leagues against other teams in striving who is the best in hockey. Also, the adults have their chance to strutt their stuff with the hockey gear as well. (of course this sportscaster will stay in the bleachers as I have been hit by a puck before and OUCH does that smart).

These tourneys have been going on for decades and they give everyone who has never been to Lake Placid a chance to experience the fun and excitement of playing in an actual Olympic Complex. Also, the children get to meet some of their hockey heros from time to time and see the site of where the MIRACLE ON ICE took place in 1980. It also gives the children a great experince of playing against teams they never would face. LITTLE Z definetly recommends the CHE tournaments thez iz the best! Yes, Little Z, they are very exciting.

So, if you happen to be driving in to Lake Placid and think hmmm now what is going on in the town and all the excitement in the Olympic Arena. Well, just dont wonder drive that vechicle to the nearest parking spot and stop into the arena and see what all the hockey buzz is about. (hey you never know, you just might see yours truly sitting there taking in all the action). Of course, the hockey skates are not for me as I cherish my body from falling on that unforgiving ice (hehe). For further information on these exciting events please visit or and get the latest schedules of the next exciting tourney.

Okay, this sportscaster has got to jet because a puck just came centimeters from my head. (WHEW!!!) I think next time that this boy will sit up on the highest bleachers before somebody takes me out (I am sure no one wants to see that at least I hope). Everyone have an exciting hockey and upcoming Winter Seasons.

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