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Picture Frame Enivornment



Well, howdy everyone it is me again CINDY THE E.F.Q. updating you on the new exciting recycled slate rock picture frames. For all of you future guests who will be visiting our nice clean air resort, take a gander around the hotel hallways and you might see some very interesting picture frames. Also, meet our newest Earth Friendly mascot the Green Leaf!!!

Our lovely and talented employee Veronica has spent many hours coming up with these great frames and the info that goes inside them. It tells you all the different aspects of how the resort is saving the environment and conserving energy. Of course, info on what you the guests can do to help the environment as well. (My brilliant and sometimes outstanding mind has come up with all these great ideas; of course I am pulling my own chain). But after all I am the queen and just love to make sure that the resort is up to the eco-friendly standards one step at a time.

Shortly, there will be a nice little earth friendly quiz for anyone to participate in. If you finish the quiz and answer the questions correctly, an earth friendly gift will be presented to you. So, if you would like further information on this project and any other exciting Eco-Friendly ideas that I am congering up; please visit our website and click on GREEN PAGE.

Have a wonderful and fresh air day, this girl is outta here.

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