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Pool Grand Re-Opening


Its been a long two month project but just as I promised the indoor pool area is officially re-opened. MR. FIX-IT at the site of our exciting finished indoor pool project. After long and tiresome hours the stone floor of the pool area as well as the new decals are installed and look nice as ever. To conserve water energy for CINDY THE E.F.Q. my crew and I have installed water saving piping and pumps to the plumbing of the indoor pool. (WHEW!! I am so glad one major project is down and this boy can have a rest; Yeah right! there is still the major expansion project still continuing on). Guess, I better drink all the caffeine that this boy can get, cause sleep is never going to happen Lol!

But anyway, I am sure you all will enjoy the fresh new look of the pool area and do not forget to try out the new 12 person Hot tub that was installed. Think I might relax in that myself. I am sure the kids will love to find the swimming decal fish in the kiddie pool and pool area. Here are a few pics of this great project.


Hope you enjoyed those pics and please stop by the Golden Arrow to enjoy these great features as well as others. Please visit our website for more exciting pics and great ideas. “Boy, my brain must be getting tired, cause I almost forgot to mention that there will be exciting new pics of the expansion project coming shortly. I cannot wait!

Well, everyone Mr. Fix-It has got so much to do, so I will bid you all a fond ado.

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